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About Psychic Echosunrise        

    Certified Psychic Medium EchoSunrise is a world renowned live TV psychic with the gifts of:

Clairvoyance: visions, seeing angels,

Images and spirits that have passed

Clairaudience:  clear hearing and feeling

Clairsentience: defined as clear feeling or sensing.


She is a 5-star psychic with over 10 years’ experience working on many companies around the world including worldwide TV.

Now you can only read with her on 2 companies either or the Spiritualism Live App in the apple store.

Readings from her are very truthful and highly accurate, with validation of current events. Let her help give you clarity and put your mind to ease.

  Tarot card readings are accurate and focus on areas in your life that you could be having troubles with, like work or relationships.

Are you wondering if your lover is cheating? She is also a love specialist and can look into your situation and tell you the truth. She has 6 years of psychology education and is ready to help you with any situation and offer real affective guidance.

Psychic Medium Echosunrise is also a High Priestess White Witch, which means she has 5 years of white magic school and practicing magic over 10 years.

She can be trusted to cast your spells accurately and safely.

Spiritualism Live

Read with her on Spiritualism Live the first 3 minutes is free for first time users as well.

They are an app in the Apple Store, and I am a featured reader on there. Give them a try!

Spiritualism Live has Live Call, Live Chat, Live Video Chat

and 24 hour Video Reply and 24 hour Text Replies

Prices vary on both Spiritualism Live and Keen Platforms depending on demand and her energy levels. 

Keen has Live Call and Live Chat
These are the only places to read with me. I no longer take personal readings. 
On Keen 10 Years!
Read with her on Keen and first-time customers, will receive their first 3 minutes free!


Psychic EchoSunrise is

Sponsored by Spiritualism Live 

Some Advisers are $1 - $2 per-minute. Plus, some also give Full Readings with 1- 2 Questions when using Text Reply for $1-2, as well delivered within 24 hours. 
The Spiritualism Live Platform has many different advisers with different prices and experiences. 

You're Seeing This Card, Then It Is For You!​

The Sun Card is one of the best cards in tarot. It can come up after a tough period of time. However, this card is the predictor of good things in all areas of your life and is predicting positive changes to come.

Whatever is going on in your life now, the outcome will be a good one. Relationships will thrive.

Predicting the end to money problems, with extra money coming in. Predicts amazingly good fortune to come, so if there is obstacles now, they will be short lived.

Find the clarity, balance, and guidance that you need, now!

Psychic, Medium, Tarot Card, Love and Relationship Readings on the GO!

Install The App in The Apple Store:

Android and Google Play Store

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